Thoughts on courtesy

Hi. I’ve been thinking about courtesy, not just in our daily lives, from which it’s obviously lacking, but the internet one. Whatever happened to the saying ‘if you have nothing nice to say, just shut your yap’? Well… it might not go exactly that way, but you get my drift right?

The new rule apparently says: If you have nothing nice to say, you damned well better say something nasty, it might just make someone laugh.

It doesn’t matter where you look for it, forums, twitter, facebook… This lack of, lets call it niceness, is omnipresent. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve met so many nice people online as well, but that makes the severity of the bad ones that much worse.

Is it the anonymity? The fact that you can’t really be held accountable for your words? The fact that the people can’t see your face while you’re being mean?

Maybe it’s all of the above, hell, I don’t know. My friends always tell me that I’m too nice, too naive and too friendly. Now, how does someone like me, you reading this for example, get through life?

You might, rightly, ask yourself up at this point; what the deuce is she on about? But I have a point, I swear:) So don’t go scrambling to the hills, just sit tight, mind my walking stick and hold on to your keyboard.

I’ll tell all of you a secret: If some meany shows up, don’t cry, don’t run away. Be astounded, yes. Be appalled, yes. But don’t let it hurt you. Now I know that’s hard, especially when it gets personal, because let’s face it, these people have no boundaries. And if you’ve flipped your hair and have gotten over it here’s the deal: Be nice to the meany. If you want to talk to him/her at all, ignoring is always an option. Be as sticky, sweet as possible. Nothing surprises people anymore, except friendliness. Courtesy.

We live in a day and age where courtesy has become so rare that it surprises us. Isn’t that sad? So stand up for the older lady if the bus is full. Say thank you if someone holds open the door for you, hold it open for others. Accept compliments, give them. Listen and remember. Be nice to mean people, it will baffle them and knock the wind right from their sails. And most important of all; be genuine about it. If you can’t say something nice, just be quiet. Just ignore.



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