Writing Prompt Wednesday #WPW

My dear friend and Wattpad bestie Jenni M Rose has invited me to take part in a series of writing prompts. And I thought I’d share it:)

Yes, I know it’s not Wednesday, but this is my first try so cut me some slack. The prompt from last week was to write down : ‘Twenty things the reader never knows about a character’

It gives you the opportunity to get in touch with a character you don’t know that well yet, who you’ve grown apart from, or someone in your story who generally gives you a hard time writing him/her. I have decided on the male MC of my current book The Demon: Shadow Play. David. Cause yeah, he is giving me a hard time, the lout.

I have no idea what to expect and am rather excited to do this exercise:) Here goes.


BTW that above is him, or how I see him at least. A mashup of Matt Bomer and Jake Gyllenhall. Perfection, right?

  1. David loves the dark, being a shadow it could be expected, but he truly views it as something comfy and relaxing. Mind you, he can see in total darkness, so there is nothing to be afraid of for him.
  2. He hates the cold and is a big fan of summer beaches.
  3. Doesn’t like people who talk a lot. Like those that keep on babbling without saying a thing, or those chaterboxes that say the same thing over and over again with different words. You know? Thos-
  4. His favorite drink is brandy mixed with coke. (Yeah, it’s a very common drink in southern Africa, affectionately called Klippies en Coke. Try it:))
  5. He will take sitting next to you in comfortable silence, sharing a moment and a drink, over a night of dancing. Which brings us to…
  6. David doesn’t dance. Ever.
  7. He does, however, dream of owning a collection of records and a record player once he settles down. Rock.
  8. He has scars on his back and torso from combat training as a child.
  9. His favorite food is chocolate ice-cream.
  10. During his rite of passage he spent most of his time (when he wasn’t busy fighting for survival) wood-carving little animals. It still gives him a sense of peace and calms him if he needs to think on something.
  11. He is protective of those he loves and can get a bit overbearing and carried away when they are in danger.
  12. Because of the lack of love in his childhood and adolescence, he craves it as an adult. Subconsciously. That is why he is liable to work harder on and for a relationship than most people. He treasures relationships, whether they are friendships or of another nature is irrelevant.
  13. He needs to be in control in the bedroom and is unable to give up that control. Maybe it is due to the fact that he is unable to trust anyone completely with his body and mind that way.
  14. David has very few friends. Which is mostly because he is so quiet, but also because he likes it that way. Fewer people to worry about.
  15. His biggest wish is to have a family.
  16. As a skilled assassin he knows he is good at what he does, which can make him seem cocky at times.
  17. Has very little regard and patience for authority, or people who want to tell him what to do.
  18. He is prone to brooding.
  19. David isn’t used to, or good at arguing/fighting.
  20. He has not patience for complaining people, he never does so himself because he knows it could always get worse.

Okay. Phew… That was not easy. But I think it helped. *shakes tiny fist at David* Fall in line now, you scoundrel. *cowers beneath his glare and puts up hands* Sorry, forgot about him disliking the bossing around part.

I encourage anyone who has similar problems with a character to do this exercise. Actually, I encourage to do this regardless while character-building. I know I’ll be too lazy for that, but there are some amazingly organized folk out there. Which I envy.

Thanks for reading and have a spectacular day!


1 thought on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #WPW”

  1. I hope you found this helpful! i know I did. I was feeling so disconnected from my character. At least this gave me hour to get back in touch – even if it was unconventional.

    Love the details about David. The records on vinyl – my kind of man!

    Liked by 1 person

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