#WPromptW On borrowing that Granny


Okay, so it’s Wednesday… *looks around* I’m on friggin time! Yay me! As part of the #WPromptW (Writing Prompt Wednesday) I shall kick my brain into gear and muddle around with today’s prompt. I think I’ll have fun and I hope you do too:))

Here goes!


“Not that one, that one,” a pipsqueak of maybe five says and points his chubby, ice-cream sticky, finger at a miserable looking clown. The one who was beaming and getting ready to go with the bossy little runt and his mother falls back, his shoulders sinking. Poor guy, I would have borrowed him, if I was looking for a clown. Alas, I am not.

I watch as mother and son, now accompanied by a frowning clown pass me by. The little boy pokes his chocolate ice-cream at the white trousers of the clown and squeals in delight as they turn to a dirty brown.

“Look mom, he had an accident,” he says while his mother rolls her eyes and the clown looks as though he’ll jump into the next sewer the moment they leave the ‘Everything Library’.

The unfamiliar clerk at the desk and I share a silent, pitiful glance. His name-tag tells me that he is called Bobby.

“I ordered a grandmother,” I tell him. “The name of the reservation is Smith. Jane Smith.”

“Jane Smith?” He raises a brow. “How original. May I see your ID?”

I shrug and hand it over, it’s not the first time this happens, but someone named ‘Bobby’ shouldn’t judge. He blushes as he reads my name and stutters out an apology. Yeah, I wish my parents had given me a more interesting name, but they were huge Brangelina fans. Back in those days there apparently was a big movie featuring them as a couple. And guess what the heroine was named… Bingo!

Bobby presses a few buttons on his keyboard. “It says here that you paid in advance?”

I nod.

He pegs me with a stern stare. “You have her for half of the day. If she comes back harmed in any way, even if that means she harmed herself, you will pay the ensuing expenses.” He pushes the contract across the desk. “Sign here after you have read the terms and conditions.”

I sign, no need to read. I have been here countless times. The moment I see her gnarly walking stick I smile. She looks the same as always; comfy, soft shoes, medical stockings, a brown skirt that ends way below her knees, a knitted sweater and gray hair bordering on purple. She glances at me over her thick glasses and smirks, making her thin lips even narrower, while her face wrinkles up adorably.

“I was wondering when you’d come again, Jane,” she says.

I grin back. “You know I can’t stay away long, Inga.”

Offering her my arm I steady her as we leave Bobby behind and head for the door. As we trudge through the streets on our way to my flat she tells me about her past few days. The chess game she rocked against a ‘green youngling’, comes in at a close second to the adolescent she threatened with her walking stick because he spat on the ground.

“You should have seen him, Janie. No respect. I wish more kids were like you. Back in my day…”

I smile as I listen to her rant and reminisce of a time long-gone. After a while she peers up at me. “What have you gotten for us today?”

“Beethoven’s sixth symphony and ‘Für Elise’.”

Inga beams. “I haven’t listened to those two in a while. Did I ever tell you that his sixth is my favorite?”

“You have,” I say. My heart twists painfully as I remember listening to it for the first time, with my own Granny.

Not many people rent grannies or grandpas anymore, they have lost their usefulness. No one wants to be reminded of the past, or spend time with someone who has nothing but memories of that past. But to me, these days with Inga are what I look forward to. They keep my own Granny alive for me. Inga has taught me to live in the moment, to enjoy the little things and how to play a mean game of chess. Plus, we have the same taste in music.


So that’s it for today! Hope you liked it:)) Have a grand rest-week and keep that chin up. We are halfway there:))


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