Writer of paranormal and urban fantasy stories. Notorious socializer in real life. Onsie enthusiast. Procrastinator extraordinaire.

WP_20160610_23_37_13_ProI was born and raised in the wonderful country of Namibia and am now residing and working in Germany. I’ve learned the amazing craft of an auto mechanic. But my passion is writing, telling stories and dreaming up impossibilities.

When I get home from work I write. On the weekends I write. It’s a compulsion and a hobby that I’m starting to take seriously. I want to self-publish The Soul Reaver when I’m done with it and have polished it up to the best book it can possibly be. Then I’ll go on to writing the next one. Maybe one day, if I work hard enough and my stamina doesn’t run, or rather limp, out on me along the way I’ll be able to pay my bills with it.