Experiment: Online Marketing Without Mailing-List.

Okay. I have searched the interwebz wide and far. You know, as someone who wants to self-publish, you should know what you’re doing, what you can do, what you should do and what you should not do. There are countless blog-posts, vlogs on youtube and tons of books on the issue of self-publishing. The tips and tricks vary vastly, and what works for some, might not work for others.

What everyone agrees on though, is the statement that the way to go about marketing your books is a newsletter. There are many pros to this tool; such as reaching many people who really are interested in what you’re doing and when you’ll publish your next book. Of course, they are only really interested if they have signed on to your newsletter for the right reasons. Housing a competition for an amazon giftcard, your newsletter-button saying: ‘click here to receive awesome news and enter a competition for…’ is maybe not the best way to gain subscribers who want to know what you, as a person and author, are about.

Now don’t get me wrong, giving away stuff for free is a good method of gaining a following, but it should be the right stuff. A short story you wrote, deleted chapters of your latest book, sneak-peaks of your new book… the list goes on. Those are the things people who read your stuff would be interested in, and those are the things people would try, you know, to get to know you. (Holy nut on a nickel, what a sentence)

Now, while I’m all for the newsletter-giving-away-stuff-for-free-business; (I do want people to know about me and read my stuff *eyeroll* obviously) I’m very hesitant to set one up myself. This might seem like a stupid reason for some but if you want to set up a newsletter, you are legally obligated to give a physical address, one where physical mail can be sent to reach you (which means it has to be your real name, yikes!) A p. o. box works as well, but where I live, they are costly. Putting in my work address… welp, I have no idea if the mail would ever reach me. Plus, my boss would probably blow a gasket. And no, I’m not comfortable having my home address going out with every e-mail I send, to every person on my mailing list. I’m a trusting and naïve person, but no.

I have not published a book yet, but I’m about to. So my proposition is this; I’ll work with what I have, when it comes to marketing, without a mailing  list. I am aware that many people will call me crazy, but it is an experiment the outcome of which I’m willing t o share with you guys. Just to see if a mailing list is really the epitome of online marketing.

I mean, I have a blog *exhibit a*, a Facebook page, Twitter, and a Wattpad account. (A tip for you lovelies: if you’d like to check out either, just press the preferred word and my web-magic will beam you there. Yeah… I’m awesome at this:)

So, to keep you updated, if you’re interested, I will post the number of my followers in each category at the very bottom of each blog-post. This experiment will start today and will go on until I publish my first book. (Later to end of this year)




AB=Awesomest Blog

Easy peasy. Tell me what you think and thanks for reading! Oh, and if you have any questions regarding my self-pub journey, please ask.


F=5, T=72, W=764, AB=72!

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